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Needs List

The lender will need the following to get started.
  1. 2 most recent pay stubs for all borrowers on all employment.
  2. Last two consecutive years of tax returns (All Pages).
  3. Last two years of W-2’s. From all employment.
  4. If you are self-employed please provide last 2 years tax returns on the business.
  5. 2 most recent bank statements for all borrowers on all accounts. (All Pages)
  6. Documentation of 401k, Stocks, Bonds, or Mutual Funds for all borrowers. (If Applicable and All Pages)
  7. Copy of Drivers License and Social Security Card.
  8. DD214 if a Veterans Loan.
  9. Any funds that are going to be used in the transaction must be sourced with 2 months bank statements or quarterly statements. Please be careful not to bring in funds from another source that was never listed on the original application without talking to me first. We may need a gift letter if applicable.
  10. Please make sure that all bank accounts, 401k, Stock, Bonds, and Mutual Funds have all pages. If the page count reads 1of 5, make sure all 5 are there.
  11. Sign the following authorization for the lender to pull credit:
    Credit Authorization

Also start thinking about the following in what you would like in a home.
  1. What area are you interested in? If you have zip codes, street boundaries (for example, between Rainbow and Jones & Sahara and Warm Springs), etc. every little bit of detail helps me target the perfect home for you.
  2. How many bedrooms?     How many baths?
  3. Single story or 2 story? (or if it doesn't matter leave blank. There are more options at reasonable prices with 2 story since there are more of those homes so we can leave it open so it brings in both options)
  4. Garage size (Ex. 2 car or more)?
  5. Single Family home or Town Home (Single Family homes are favorable in the market place at a later date when you go to sell and have the higher value gains as well)?
  6. How far back do you want the minimum date of the house built? (for example: Do you want the search to start at homes built from 1978 to present, since prior to 1978 the homes can present lead paint hazards)
  7. Any other specific requests?
  8. Maximum monthly payment with Principal, Taxes, Insurance, and HOA (if property is in an HOA).
  9. Max price you would like to be at if cash purchase? Leave this blank if you are getting loan qualified since that will determine your Max price.
If this is an investment property I will also run Return On Investment (ROI) ratios once we target various properties to strategically go after the highest net rate of return on investment.
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