Mr. Vavla has a degree in Film & Television Producing along with a subsequent professional degree in Mergers & Acquisitions along with a Real Estate Brokers License in both Nevada and California. He was formerly a contracted co-star on The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series in the early 90’s and ultimately moved into celebrity and talent management. He worked for Paramount Pictures’ first look production company Mutual Film Company under Executive Producers Mark Gordon and Gary Levinsohn then was offered a talent management team position with Handprint Entertainment under Benny Medina where he worked closely with talent representatives in guiding the careers of Jennifer Lopez, Sean Combs, Selma Blair, Scott Foley, Christine Taylor, Elija Wood, Leah Remini, and many other recognizable Hollywood names. In the late 90’s he was recruited to Agency for the Performing Arts where he worked under the head of talent to acquire film and television projects for various “A-List” talent. During his tenure in the film and television industry, he built a real estate portfolio for himself in addition to advising others on real estate and finance variables that affected their investment portfolios. He moved into practicing real estate and financial advisory full time in 1999 and has not looked back since. Since he comes from a long entertainment background he understands the confidentiality of his clients and requires non-disclosure and “media no comment” agreements to be signed by counterparties while representing his celebrity and athlete clients.