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This is why you want a licensed agent to list & sell your home.

Perhaps you were thinking of selling your home yourself, or did not quite understand everything an agent does for you in regards to selling your home. 

Many people think of the real estate agent as a salesperson.  Many agents (perhaps most agents) would jump at the chance to be "just" a salesperson.  But they aren't just a salesperson.  Most states have legislated it so that real estate agents are also -- agents.

An agent is "responsible" to their clients.  They have a duty, called a "fiduciary duty."  This means the agent is responsible to act in the best interests of their client.  A car salesman does not have to act in your best interests -- they just have to sell the car.  It isn't that simple for real estate agents.

Real estate agents not only have to sell the house, they have to be responsible.  That involves a lot of liability, which is one reason for all the disclosures and the pages and pages of contracts, and why they want to be paid for being more than "just" a salesman.

The listing contract will specify that your agent is acting as a "seller's agent." This means that, in the sale of your house, they are working for you and only you -- and looking out for your best interests. 

5 Reasons For Sale By Owner Can Be Dangerous.

1. Is the buyer a "real buyer" and not a burglar that's casing the home and your family? See this article on how not to be a victim when you show your home to potential buyers. Click Here

2. Is the potential buyer loan or cash qualified? If not you may tie up your property for weeks only to find out that the buyer was never really qualified. Do you know the correct questions to ask a buyer or buyer's loan officer to verify their ability to buy?

Do you have the correct state approved disclosure documents to deter future lawsuits?

3. You may be paying too much in closing costs. There are customary fees that the buyer and seller pay and if you don't know them you may foot the entire bill for the buyer.

4. Did you price your home correctly? If too high there will be no calls and the longer the property is on the market buyers may think there is a problem with the property.

5. Do you have the time to properly market and show your property when a qualified buyer is ready to view your home? Do you know if the market has moved up or down? You may be leaving money on the table if you don't understand the counter offer or multiple counter offer process to get the most money out of your property.

If you have any questions about selling your home, or are ready to list, please let me know. I can do it safely for you and your family and obtain the highest price and best selling terms for you.

*Some transactions require a broker mandated doc storage and imaging fee to comply with government regulation. As of 5/23/2016 this fee is $595.


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